Transportation Updates and Information

  • The Transportation Department requires all bus riders to read and sign the Bus Rules that are attached to this website (see link below). An additional note to all Parents-the rule still remains in effect that “No student may ride any bus other than the one assigned to your child.” This became a policy when Williamston Community Schools went to single bus runs which put buses at capacity. 

    The following are your bus drivers for 2019-2020 school year: 

    1  - Bryan Bottles
    2  - Craig Moore
    3  - Rosemary Southwell
    4  - Beth O'Connor
    5  - Nora Stanton
    6  - Kim Wright
    7  - Jennifer Loe
    8  - Janette Ratza
    9  - Terry VanHorn
    26- Tom Cruce
    27- Robin Monette/Pam VanSickler
    28- Lori Sierzega
    29- Kerry Gregg

    Any questions or concerns regarding your child’s bus run can be directed to the Transportation Department at (517) 655-1011 or by email 

    Pam VanSickler, Supervisor of Transportation 

    Brandon Weingartz, Director of Facilities 


    Bus Rules & Parent Signature Page

Supervisor of Transportation



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