• Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”)

    The goal of a Continuity of Learning Plan and COVID-19 Response Plan is to ensure that each District or Public School Academy is providing, to the best of its ability, each student with alternative modes of instruction to help them stay on pace in their learning. This application recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution; multiple means of engaging students and supporting families may be necessary that may vary by grade level, school building, or student population served.


    1. Please describe the methods the district will use to provide alternative modes of instruction other than in-person instruction and a summary of materials each pupil and the pupil’s parents or guardians will need to access meaningfully the alternative modes of instruction included in the Plan. If the Plan relies on electronic instruction, the Plan must ensure to the extent feasible that pupils have access to a connected device capable of accessing the electronic instruction and must not penalize a pupil for the pupil’s inability to fully participate.

    Williamston will use a hybrid approach. Many of our students will access technology based platforms such as SeeSaw, Google Classroom, Schoology, and Moodle utilizing personal devices or Chromebooks that have been distributed by the district. If families do not have internet access, a limited number of hot spots will be available. Wi-fi access is available in school parking lots while people remain in their vehicles. Families have also received information regarding free and low-cost internet providers in our area. In addition, families are being encouraged to check with their cell phone providers regarding COVID-19 offers which include supports such as unlimited data and increased mobile hotspot allowances. Students without internet will have access to hard copy instructional materials that will be distributed, and will have the opportunity to receive instructional support during teacher office hours.  Students will have access to grade level/course materials that are needed for remote learning. Other learning materials such as paper and pencils will be made available as needed. The district is committed to providing learning from a distance for all students, including eligible students in applicable programs such as Early on Service, PreK12 students with IEPs, students with 504 plans and students (18-26) in post-secondary transition programs. Learning may be provided in coordination with partner programs (e.g. GSRP, Wilson Talent Center, The Early College, etc.). The district is committed to making a best faith effort to provide support for those students with specialized needs. The district will not penalize a pupil for the pupil's inability to fully participate.


          2. Please describe the methods the district will use to keep pupils at the center of educational activities, including outreach to continue building relationships and maintain connections, and to help pupils feel safe and valued.

    Regular ongoing communication is a high priority in our plan. Teachers will be available to interact with all students multiple times each week. This will be achieved in a variety of ways including through virtual meetings which can be attended online or via phone call, through email, collaborative documents, and communications through the learning platform. All teachers will schedule weekly office hours and may offer additional times by appointment as agreed upon by the teacher and family/student. For students without access to technology, written communication and phone calls will be used. In addition to instructional support, we will work to maintain an emotionally supportive connection with learners. Elementary teachers will regularly offer virtual meetings for building relationships and conducting wellness checks. Secondary buildings will utilize "homeroom" teachers based on 6th hour at the middle school and 1st hour at the high school to conduct similar wellness checks with their students. Other staff, including social workers, counselors, and case managers will provide additional layers of support in this regard.


         3.  Please describe the district’s plans to deliver content in multiple ways so that all pupils can access learning.

    For students with access to technology, content will be delivered through the online platform as well as through other modes such as email and virtual meetings. For students without technology, learning packets will be provided and supplemented with phone conferencing to support instruction. Packets will be delivered during meal distribution, or may be mailed for students who do not participate in the meal program. Special education teachers in cooperation with paraprofessionals will provide additional support to students on their caseload.


          4.  Please describe the district’s plans to manage and monitor learning by pupils.

    For students with access to technology, teachers will monitor student participation and learning through the learning platform. Feedback will be provided on assignments and assessments and inform needs for additional support or differentiation. For students without technology access, answer keys will be provided when possible. Additionally, teachers will use features such as written instructions and worked examples in conjunction with ongoing outreach to support learners. For a final/summative report of learning, each building has adopted a process for issuing grades. These building-specific processes will be communicated to students and families by principals and teachers.


          5.  Please attach a budget outline estimating additional expenditures associated with the Plan and sources of revenue to pay for those expenditures.


    Additional expenditures may include:

    Purchase of learning supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, etc.

    Mailing Costs

    Fuel and mileage expenses

    Costs associated with online learning platforms and any related software/websites if applicable

    PPE for staff engaged in delivering food or learning materials or otherwise interacting with the public

    Repair or replacement costs for technology

    Purchase of hotspot devices and associated service charges


    Funding Sources:

    General funds


    Grant monies


          6.   Please describe the manner in which district administrators, board members, teachers, and any representatives of teachers collaborated in development of the Plan.

    All stakeholders were involved in the development of the plan. Building administrators, in conjunction with their leadership teams (representative of all grades and departments) met multiple times to offer input on each aspect of the plan. Building leaders brought this information back to the district team to ensure that the plan is inclusive of all students in the early childhood through Grade 12+ continuum. Before finalizing the plan, feedback was sought from board members.


          7.  Please describe the methods the district will use to notify pupils and parents or guardians of the Plan.

    The district will notify all families of the Plan through an emailed letter, followed by a phone call sent through the district messaging system. The plan will also be posted to the district website along with other resources that more specifically detail elements of the plan. Additionally, building principals will send communications to families with links to the Plan and other building specific resources.


          8.  Please provide an estimate of the date on which the district will begin implementation of the Plan, which must be no later than April 28, 2008.

    A preliminary phase of the plan will commence the week of April 13-17. Teachers will work in grade level and department teams to receive training and plan for remote instruction. Teachers will also engage in outreach to students and families to provide information and resources in preparation for instruction which will begin on Monday, April 20.


          9.  Please describe the assistance, to the extent feasible, to pupils enrolled in any postsecondary dual enrollment courses under Public Act 160 of 1996, as amended, MCL 388.511 to 888.524, and Career and Technical Preparation Act, 258 PA 2000, as amended, MCL 388.1901 to 388.1913, in completing the courses during the 2019-2020 school year.

    WHS will work with dual enrollment providers and career technical programs to ensure that students have the materials and support to complete their programs. The high school counselors will monitor progress by individually checking in with students, and will also be available during regular office hours to support needs as they arise.


         10.  Please describe how the district will continue to provide or arrange for continuation of food distribution to eligible pupils.

    Our district will continue with the plan that was implemented at the time of the school closure. Meal packs are prepared by our food service staff and available via curbside pickup as well as through distribution sites throughout the community.  Information regarding the plan is available on the district website. In addition, reminder phone calls and emails are sent to all district families via the school messaging system on distribution days. If there are any anticipated changes to the schedule, these will be shared via the school messaging system as well as through flyers distributed with the meal packs.


         11.  Please confirm that the district will continue to pay school employees while redeploying staff to provide meaningful work in the context of the Plan, subject to any  applicable requirements of a collective bargaining agreement.

    In agreement with the assurances document, Williamston will continue to pay all district employees. Though some staff will continue with their usual work (e.g. building maintenance and cleaning, food preparation and distribution, and business operations), others will be redeployed to support the plan in new ways. Possible tasks include assisting teachers with preparation of learning materials, delivery of learning materials, and communication with students. Employees may also be asked to support other essential components of the plan, such as assisting with food distribution. Expenses associated with programs such as our tuition-based preschool program will be documented for future reimbursement.


        12.  Describe how the district will evaluate the participation of pupils in the Plan.

    For students with access to technology, academic participation will be evaluated through the learning platform. For students working in packets, teachers will use office hours and other well-checks to evaluate participation. All communications and attempts to communicate will be logged. If there is a concern regarding participation or wellness, further measures will be taken to connect with the family. As teachers identify needs they will connect families with other support personnel such as case managers, school social workers, the school psychologist, administrators or other staff to assist with academic engagement and wellness support.


        13. Please describe how the district will provide mental health supports to pupils affected by a state of emergency or state of disaster prompted by COVID-19.

    The district staff will call parents and ask specific questions to determine their families current mental health needs. Based on those results the school social workers, school psychologist and counselors will reach out to individual students and families to determine what they may need. The staff will connect the family to available resources that will help meet their needs. During teachers’ weekly phone calls and class meetings, they will monitor and assess the needs of students and families. If a need is presented the teacher will elevate that need to the social worker, counselor or school psychologist to make the necessary follow-up. The director of special education will hold weekly meetings with the ancillary and case manager staff to identify any additional students or families in need. Telehealth may be used when available for students that have technology. Well checks by local police can be initiated after three attempts by teachers or administrators who attempt to check-in, but with no response from the student or family.


         14.  Please describe how the district will support the efforts of the intermediate district in which the district is located to mobilize disaster relief child care centers as described in Executive Order 2020-16 or any executive order that follows it.

    At this time, our district is not involved in this component of the plan. Should the need arise, we will partner with the IISD to provide support.


         15.  Does the District plan to adopt a balanced calendar instructional program for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year?  Does the District plan to adopt a balanced calendar instructional program for the 2020-2021 school year?

    At this time, our district has not made any adjustment to the 2020-2021 calendar.