Changes for the Beginning of 2019!

Dear Parents,

I wanted to make you aware of some faculty changes that are taking place at the middle school. Recently, Ms. Katy Maiolatesi and Mr. Judah Weeks announced they were leaving Williamston for family reasons. Ms. Maiolatesi will be working for Columbia University, in New York City, and Mr. Weeks will be working in a school district closer to his home. As sad as we are to see them both leave, we realize it is important that they follow their dreams. Friday, December 21st is their last day of work.

As you might imagine, filling the void of two excellent teachers is difficult, especially before the end of the semester. We were able to handle some of the changes internally. Ms. Lindsay Snyder, choir director at Williamston High School, will cover the choir class of Mr. Weeks. For the band responsibilities, we have hired Mrs. Kate Stone, a former band director from Waterford.

As it relates to our Spanish classes, Ms. Carla Esteves will serve as the long term substitute. She is a native speaker of Spanish.

In terms of the area of behavior specialist, Ms. Deb LaFleur will fill that role. There will also be some movement internally in that we have to change Mr. Weber’s planning period to fourth hour, which means his fourth hour students will have Ms. Snyder as their elective teacher. Mr. Weber will take over Ms. Maiolatesi’s first hour elective students.  Basically, what this means for students is that their new elective for second semester begins on January 7th. Students in both classes will be enrolled in technology classes.

We have worked very hard to make this transition seamless. We appreciate your understanding.

Robert E. Watson